Adornment is one of the Loveliest Gateways to Enlightment.

All of my beautiful creations are made with at least 95% up-cycled fabric!


Made with intention and prayer, I only work on these creations when I am in a good-feeling place, so as to imbue them with the highest vibrations!!!


BuhDankitty Hoods live up to their name: Each hood is REVERSIBLE, DOUBLES AS A BACKPACK and is outfitted with

  • at least one (if not 6!) secret pockets,

  • Snaps for SnapCessories (Removable and changeable accessories that range anywhere from feathers that double as smudge wands, to elegant dangles, to wire wrapped stones, to fuzzy ears and more!

  • Enough SnapCessories to snap onto all of your BuhDanKitty Hood’s snaps!


Prices range from $150-$300 and of course, 100% custom hoods can always be co-created!


Totem Tails

Your Totem Tail will call forth whichever energy you most resonate with, whether this be animal, elemental, Spirit, or something I haven’t heard of yet! This bustle-style accessory will make you dance harder, walk with more style and flow, and will call in more magic into your life than you have yet to experience!!!


Prices range from $150-$700 and, of course, custom orders are my joy to co-create with you!!




LionCloth Season is on its way! These lovely creations are for those of us who find clothing un-bear-able and love the freedom of sun, air, and rain on our skin! Perfect for festival season!


Prices range from $25-$55


Custom Work

 Always available!


Option to work with my fabric or yours, maybe even that favorite piece of fabric you’ve been holding onto forever!


We can work in to our co-creation sacred and special pieces of clothing or fabric that you can’t get rid of but can't keep either: hand-me-downs or gifts from someone you love who’s not here in body any more, childhood favorites, you name it :)


Contact me for a free estimate on your custom piece, I always work on clothing and attire from the heart and guarantee a strong and solid product.