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I call my classes "class~emonies" because what I offer is a healthy combination of both ceremony and class. I share my knowledge and gifts in a powerful and fun way but always within a sacred container~ even one so simple as us taking a breath together~ so as to set the space and clear the mental and emotional highway for the seed of information being sharing with you to be received, as a precious gift, in a grounded and clear way.


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PrayerDance is a transformational Movement Ceremony. We explore our deepest truths, our prayers, our dreams and make space in ourselves to dance them into this world.

This Ceremony is held every other Tuesday from 6:30-8:30 pm at

The Vali Soul Sanctuary

6717 Valmont Road, Boulder, CO

For the month of April:

April 2

April 16

April 30

One Ceremony Pass~~$20

4 Ceremony Pass~~~~~~$77

~~Want to deepen your dance even more? One-On-One Sessions Are Available! Contact IxStar for More Details!~~

PrayerDance is offered in many forms: 

· Class~emony ·

· Workshop ·

· Retreat ·

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We are all much more fantastic than we give ourselves credit for, our potential is limitless and our abundance is infinite